Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Take Baby Steps to a New YOU! - Part 3 of 4

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Step 5 - Habit is what keeps you going. When you have accustomed yourself to your new healthier routines, it is time to take your fitness activities up a higher notch. Try signing up at your nearest gym or health club. You will find out that doing cardiovascular exercises like the treadmill, stationary bike or the rower can burn as much as over a hundred calories in just fifteen minutes.
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Do not forget, however, to have your warm-ups before hitting the floor. Warming up reduces the risk of pulled and torn muscles and prepares your body for the actual exercises. Cardiovascular exercises are good for improving your heart, lungs and blood circulation. It reduces blood pressure, strengthens the immune system and lowers stress levels thus reducing the risk of heart disease.
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Complement your cardio workout with resistance training, better known as weights. You can consult the gym’s trainers on how to use the equipment and what specific areas it targets for developing muscle mass. Resistance training also strengthens your bones and protects your joints from wear and tear. It reduces body fat and increases metabolism so you continue burning fats even when your body is at rest. It helps reduce the risk of diabetes as it improves glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivity.
Stretching after exercise is a must. It relaxes tight and tense muscles that often accompany stress.
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Step 6 - Rest and relaxation is an invaluable part of your fitness routine. Missing out on this important aspect runs the body down and makes it vulnerable to virus and illnesses. When the body is weak, it affects the emotional and the spiritual system.

When your body is at rest, your body recuperates and is getting stronger. With enough rest, one will achieve better memory and concentration at work. As it provides mental balance, rest and relaxation gives a person a happier disposition in life.

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