Monday, May 12, 2008

Take Baby Steps to a New YOU! - Part 1 of 4

Think of your journey to fitness as if you are a baby learning to walk for the first time.

A baby learns to walk by himself without minding the falls. Nothing is able to stop him because that is how determined he is to walk. Now he’s walking, now he’s down. He slowly stands up and starts walking again. He trips and falls, but he just keeps on standing at his own two feet, slowly balancing his movements, until he is finally able to walk by himself.

Now, imagine applying this principle to your goals in weight loss. Of your vision towards a healthier version of you. Wouldn’t it be fun and exciting?

Step 1 - Acknowledge that weight loss is not just a matter of cutting down on food consumption and burning out the calories by window shopping or by walking from the second floor of your office to get that memo waiting for you at the fourth floor. It is achieved through an efficient synergy of the mind, body and spirit.
The FIRM, an effective and fun exercise.
What causes one become overweight is the same as everybody’s. The number of calories going inside the body, that is the food intake, is more than the calories moving outside the body, that is the activity level. Factors such as heredity, hormonal imbalance, drugs, smoking and stress are just factors that aggravate it. These are not the main instigators.
The FIRM. Sculpt your entire body!
Step 2 - Set your mind into what you really want to achieve. Put your goals into writing. Make a commitment card. Write on your card how much weight do you really want to lose? How many weeks or months do you give yourself to achieve this? Ideally, with proper diet and consistent exercise, a person can lose an average of two to three pounds per week. Then sign your card as if you’re signing a legal and binding contract, except you will not be held liable by law, but by your principles.
The FIRM. Guaranteed visible results in 10 workouts!
Post your commitment card on something that is always visible to you. On your medicine cabinet, so can see it as you brush your teeth before going to work, or on your desktop if you’re working most of the time on your computer. You can put it in your wallet so that you will be reminded every time you open it to pay for the parking ticket. Post it anywhere you like as long as it is always visible to you.

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