Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Ginseng: Your Way to Energy and Vitality

The first recorded use of ginseng is over two thousand years old in Chinese Medicine. Since that time, ginseng has been used medicinally by every culture and healers around the world. Science today is proving what the Ancient Chinese and other healers have known for millenniums; ginseng can help boost energy, reduce stress and increase stamina.

Traditionally, ginseng has been used to enhance sexual desire, by promoting sex hormone production. Recent research shows that regular use of Ginseng is helpful in the treatment of memory loss (Alzheimer's), balance of blood sugar levels (Diabetes), slowing down the aging process, and helping the immune system.

There are three types of Ginseng and all of them have a common constituent called Ginsenoside: Asian, Korean, or Chinese ginseng (all common names) refers to a plant native to North Korea and China. American Ginseng is native to Eastern North America from Southern Ontario to Georgia and as far west as Wisconsin. Siberian ginseng, as the name implies, is grown in Siberia. It is not a true ginseng all, but it has many of the same properties.

Of all three types, Korean Ginseng is found to be the most potent in increasing physical and mental endurance, boosting energy, normalizing body functions, reducing cholesterol, and preventing cancer.


IMMUNE SYSTEM - Enhances the natural resistance and recuperative power of the body
BLOOD PRESSURE - Useful for regulating blood pressure
FERTILITY - Improves libido and sexual vigor and may prevent impotence
STAMINA - Improves stamina, alleviates symptoms of tiredness and exhaustion

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