Monday, May 26, 2008

8 Skin Care Tips Part 2 of 2

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5. CLEAN YOUR FACE NIGHTLY. It is important to wash your face before going to sleep to remove make-up and to cleanse it from the pollutants that it had been exposed to during the day. Cleansing loosens and lifts impurities and excess oil.
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6. TONE AND MOISTURIZE. Toning products remove lifted dirt and readjust the skin’s pH balance. Moisturizing replenishes skin’s lost moisture.
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7. EXFOLIATE WITH BRUSHING. Using a dry brush with natural bristles to sweep the surface of the whole body eliminates dead skin cells and improves skin hygiene. It helps increase small capillary circulation to the skin, boost skin immunity against infection, and nurture a vibrant skin tone.
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8. LOAD UP ON FRUITS, VEGETABLES AND PROTEIN. The protein collagen can be said to be our skin’s best friend. It provides skin its firmness and elasticity. Collagen can be derived from protein-rich food such as milk, fish, peanuts and certain vegetables. Fruits and vegetables are rich in anti-oxidants that help our skin recover from the harmful effects of free radicals and sun damage. Citrus fruits that are rich in Vitamin C are also vital for healthy skin, as Vitamin C promotes the body’s collagen production.
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